Kerala!!! the land beyond imaginations…

ThekkadyIt is believed that Parasurama created Kerala by  converting  a portion of sea into land by throwing his axe . Kerala has a rich cultural heritage.

fondly known as ‘the gods own country’has wonderful tradition with lot of ethnic values and cultures. Onam and Vishu are the most celebrated traditional festivals of the land apart from the other festivals..there is no difference in enjoyment of the festivals like christmas ,id -Ul-Fitr , easter, holi ..they celebrate it with equal enthusiasm ..

the theatrical and classical shows like drama , mohiniyattom  , kathakali , koodiyattom , chakiyarkoothu reveals their traditional values which also shows that how much they are attached and fond of art and culture  .which means the keralites are very much adhere to their traditional customs and cultre and might go to any extent for maintaining it.They are also so good in the field of medicines which they acquired from the great dravidian ancestors . Though kerala occupies a small portion of the subcontinent she is noted for her varied culture of arts which includes the afore said classical dance forms . The culture of keralites aka malayalis are deep rooted because they give great importance to philosophy ,education ,religion ,arts and social organizations .UNESCO announced Koodiyattom  which is a type of theatrical drama of epic stories of gods ( like that of kathakali ) as the Human heritage art .

what we think when we hear about china ,obviously Kung-Fu , like that kerala has its own martial art commonly and widely known as kalaripayattu …the most difficult martial art .once there was a feature on kalaripayttu on National Geographic channel im not going any further on that documentary..

the soul of the  state is in its people, who are known for their knowledge in the field of ayurvedic medicine along with the knowledge in  handicrafts and sculptures , like the expertise in various fields . Keralites are very good in agriculture because of its excellent agro-climatic conditions  kerala contributes almost 95%of the countries total rubber and black pepper exports ..though main economy is from the field of agriculture  though fresh sea fish are exported to various parts of the globe ..

The  Green  paradise  lying under the shades of western ghats , real paradise on the earth tats why its been called by the nick name The Gods Own Country ..There is more to say about this state ,now she  is  in a stage of survival from the unprecedented rain and floods since the month of Aug’2018…kutiyattam_large




Indian Education SYSTEM.

India ranks 92 in education among 145 countries .Education should be the number one priority for India because its the most fundamental need of a developing nation …India is nowhere near the top ten countries even not in the top fifty..Education is the founding stone of a country’s economy. If a country which fails to provide its citizens the right to education it  lags behind in every way.

India is one of the top educational institution all over the world before the colonial period though  it has  roots of  the ancient ages where they followed the Gurukul system ,wide syllabus with different subjects from  Sanskrit ( Scriptures) , Mathematics ,Metaphysics ,medicine (ayurveda )..most beautiful system were the students are allowed to reside with the teacher (guru) until he(guru) felt that he (student)has imparted all the knowledge that he could  (sri shankara acharya ,  aryabhatta , bhaskara , charaka , kautalya , are some phenomenal examples of the gurukula system they have contributed to the world what they have attained from their respective gurus during the time of their education )..The system has been entirely changed after the invasion of Britain were they have established schools which follows an entirely different curriculum having  subjects like science ,mathematics and english language which is more like closed class room oriented system .

While talking about the global higher education system India is in the third place that is indian higher education system is the third largest education system in the world the first and second are china and US respectively ..After the completion of the secondary (tenth grade ) exam an indian student has to opt either science ,commerce ,humanities ,computer science for their senior secondary level of education even though there is a trend of  opting foreign countries (abroad) for further studies after the completion  post graduation in india .

Why is this happening in INDIA?

The answer is simple and evident why the indian students after their completion of post graduation are not opting india for their further education…because of the lack of high quality programmes offered by the indian universities and colleges , lack of proper infrastructure and out dated syllabus ..

Where do we  start?

Schools are the place which plays a vital role in developing a persons mental ,social and professional growth which churn the students only for competitive examinations with out any practical knowledge and creative thinking ability so the change must begin from the grass root level that is the schooling system as it plays an important role in developing a persons mind ..latest trends which have been inducted on late 2010s in the indian education systems rather than the common long period (long hour)lectures by teachers ,especially the smart class the digital encyclopedia and library which is in audio visual format which enables the teacher to assimilate how much knowledge or information has been attained by the student from that particular content thus he/she (the teacher) can repeat the lesson which the student don’t appear to have grasped ..High level stress among  students have give rise to many alternative educational methods like montessory and gardner system of schooling..

Even though we are following the British system of education indias contribution to the world is good indeed although we are having the best law colleges ,medical colleges ,IIMs and IITs  our education system must focus on carving good entrepreneurs ,artists ,writers ,scientists who all are very important for developing an economy .  As India mourns to  the death of one of its greatest visionaries  Dr. Abdul Kalam , He said, “When the students pass out of senior secondary school they  have only two certificates they are the  certificate of passing the secondary school leaving certificate and the senior secondary school leaving certificate  . According to him ,besides the normal curriculum the students should receive training in any special skill set that will  offer an extra certificate that  promote entrepreneurship in the country  this kind of education system will generate job creators instead of job seekers.




#All For Kerala

Nature has shown as the after effects of humans activities ..for the last few days , she  again proved that we humans are nothing..

Kerala the most beautiful place in this entire globe , the global tourism  destination has recorded the greatest disaster of 2018 ..The monsoon floods which  cost us  almost 350+ valuable human lifes and recorded a loss of more than 22,000 cr ….for the state government ….she is like a phoenix bird who shall rise above its ashes because we always amused the world in many ways so that now also ..

we are known for compassion of mind thats why we are able to over come every difficulties ..because there is always a ray of hope like the last ray of light between the rainclouds ..14 districts 11 submerged ..5000+rescue camps more than 8 lakhs rescued by the peoples along with the indian armed forces ,emergency response team and kerala police ..because we malayalees aka keralites find happiness in helping others great distress we will find hope thats what i have witnessed from the activities of our people for the last few days ..together we stand …

The official declaration from the emergency task force  was that the water lodged has been receded from several houses of the districts of Thrissivaperoor (Thrissur) , Cannannore(Kannur) , Alwae(Aluva)eranakulam  , Alappuzha ….that was a great soothing news for keralites and for those peoples who loves kerala as their home

thank you very much for the central and other state governments of the Union of India for being with us and helping us in this overwhelming situation ….and the rescue ops including each and every natives of kerala along with the IndianArmedForces …

this state will definitely  bounce back with more glory ……because its not just a belief its the confidence of each and every person of kerala..we together bring her back.

Now it is our duty to help the affected rebuild their lives. The path to recovery can be long & arduous, but you can make a difference by joining the rebuilding efforts. Contribute generously to the Chief Minister’s Distress Relief Fund.


compassionate readers can contribute  to the Chief Ministers Distress Relief Fund…


Bank : State Bank of India (SBI)
Account Number : 67319948232
Branch : City Branch, Thiruvananthapuram
IFSC : SBIN0070028
Account Type: Savings
Name of Donee:
Chief Ministers Distress Relief Fund
Address :Govt of Kerala
District: Thiruvananthapuram
State Kerala
Pin 695001




Kerala FLOODS #rescuekerala

Kerala_Floods_5_IT_1534421864613GODS OWN COUNTRY ….now facing her anger at its peak …. Even before a year has passed since the tropical  Cyclone Ockhi has brought disaster to the coasts of Kerala ….Now she  is reeling under another natural disaster!!!!Kerala_Floods_1_IT_1534421847725 (1) (cochin international airport …runways and bay have been closed till 26August2018)

The Southwest monsoon has wreaked havoc over the last few weeks here in kerala. This is the second largest flood that the State is facing after the floods in 1924. This is the first time in the history of Kerala that all the 27 dams have been opened at the same time. Out of the 14 districts, 10 have been inundated by the floods….. The Honourable Chief Minister of Kerala Pinarayi Vijayan has stated, “Such destruction has never before been witnessed in the State.” In a span of 3 days almost  37 people have lost their lives. Lakhs have lost their homes ,land, belongings, and livelihoods completely devastated . According to current estimates, about 2000 houses have been totally destroyed and 10,000 km of roads have been entirely cut off. The loss due to floods is projected to be at least Rs. 8316 crores. This is only on the initial information received …Beautiful Kerala is now in grief…many lost their lives ,family memebers ,some are blocked in other swatches of the state even my friends are out there including the rescue volunteers and the sadest thing is that also  some refugee camps have been flooded….




The only relief we have is that the indian navy and airforce is out there to help us along with the state and central government…thanks for the indian armed forces for your extreme cooperation in the rescue missions along with the state emergency task forces …The rescue operations are progressing on the war footing here.The rescue operations would be more active from today with the arrival of 40 more NDRF teams, boats and 10 helicopters..

Things are getting worse by the increase in the water levels of Idukki arch Dam …All we can do is pray and join our hands to save and help the needy by providing adequate food supply, hand sanitizers,napkins ,dress and money as we can ….

if you would like to help Kerala… please send us your contributions to moksha charity and it is our  responsibility to ensure that it reaches the Kerala Government…. Compassionate readers can send their donations via cheque or DD in the name of our trust – Moksha Charitable Foundation (Reg No:ALP/CT/271/2018). Those who wish to donate using net-banking can transfer the donations to our INION BANK OF INDIA ACCOUNT:553602010012325…..BRANCH:kayamkulam…IFSC CODE :UBIN0555363…MICR:690026102….


Do share,support and pray for the gods own country…

The flood situation in Kerala is still remained grim with wide swathes of land submerged in Idukki,pathanamthitta ,alappuzha, Eranakulam and Trichur districts…. the government has announced Rs. 10 lakh each for the families those who lost their homes and properties ….Being responsible citizens of india and the natives of kerala we Moksha Charitable Foundation (Reg No:ALP/CT/271/2018) started by the alumni’s of janasakthi public school along with the government are making huge contribution in the disaster relief fund collection ..we can contribute our part so that it will go directly to the hands of the needy….please make contribution as much you can…
an amount of Rs:1 could be a ray of support for them…IMG-20180816-WA0001.jpg